Everything produced in Tessitura Corti is created, manufactured and completed here, in the two production units of Bulgarograsso (Como) and Lurate Caccivio (Como): an absolutely authentic “Made in Como”, capable of reconciling high and very high quality, excellent specialization skills and incredible economic competitiveness.

The accurate choice of threads, an extraordinary variety of proposals, flexibility and excellent timing, even in the promotional design field, complete the picture of strongly oriented commitment, clearly proven by the various annual collections and by approximately 100 designs created every month.


Linen, wool, cotton, tussah and delavé are yarns which are thoroughly combined and alternated with silk…

… obtaining remarkable and unexpected results for ties, scarves and accessories; therefore, this allows us to offer to an ever-more qualified and exigent clientele a different product, albeit staying true to our identity. Over the years the various collections have been, indeed, enriched by designs in silk/linen, silk/cotton which enabled us to diversify and reach a very heterogeneous clientele.
The “tailor-made” for the various markets gave us the opportunity of understanding and creating a peculiar and exclusive product for each one of our clients.